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Inger Grape

As a child growing up in northern Norway, I was intrigued when I heard that some of the local native people, the Sami, could stop bleedings by using their natural healing powers. I vaguely heard about homeopathy and chiropractic, but it wasn’t until I arrived in California as a 19-year-old that I started to get clued in to natural healing.

By the time I arrived in San Francisco in 1974 (never having been south of the Arctic Circle before), the hippie era was over, but their legacy of health, nutrition and natural healing remains. I embraced that part and started learning about natural healing.

When I started learning Bowen therapy in 2003, I knew that I had found the therapy I had been looking for. Then I had a knee accident in 2016 that led me to microcurrent therapy, which lifted my work up to a whole other level. The microcurrent therapy helps find the inflammation, which I can treat on the spot, and the Bowen therapy helps re-set the big structures of the body. I usually blend these two techniques, both of which are profoundly relaxing as well.

A huge obstacle to my own health was my unwillingness to make important changes, like how to get my lazy and indulgent self to exercise regularly and not eat the wrong foods.  It took until my 50s to find easy ways to do it, and I love to share!

First try easy.