Imagine no more struggling with yourself and beating yourself up over your inability to lose weight. Imagine being on your own team instead of fighting yourself by making bad choices, effortlessly making the choices you couldn’t stick with before — without deprivation or cravings.

We all have been trained to believe that losing weight is hard work, but there is an easier way: Change your programming and you won’t have to struggle. Well how do you do that? It’s easy if you have the right tools!

This 2-step program is so easy — it’s guaranteed to work or your money back. It helps get you get back in the driver’s seat when it comes to your food choices. The improvements brought on by conventionally successful weight loss tend to fade over time; with hypnosis, the effect just gets stronger.

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“Enjoying Weight Loss”

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Concerns About Hypnosis

“Enjoying Weight Loss”

With the support of the gentle, caring hypnotic instructions by medical hypnosis expert Roberta Temes, Ph.D., delivered in 8 short recording sessions, you too can find yourself easily making the changes you’ve always wanted to implement but were unable to stick with. The frustration is over: Easily shed the adipose tissue that is concealing the real, sporting you. This program is aptly named Enjoying Weight Loss.

These recordings are widely available online; they are also included as part of your One-Time Coaching Session — see below.

Get Ironclad One-Time Coaching

Even as I was experiencing great success in finally changing my bad habits, I found that my clients who had purchased these recordings still didn’t know what to eat, and Dr. Temes doesn’t tell you. Much to my disappointment, my clients would buy the recordings but would then never even get started, or they would omit the crucial first step that Dr. Temes teaches and would not even get off to a good start.

So, to help out my clients who needed a little more support than the recordings could give, I designed a one-time coaching session that helps you replicate the success I had with this program, which enabled me to get the monkey off my back overnight without struggle or craving — the monkey in my case being sugar, a lifetime addiction to the sweet stuff. Do you have a monkey on your back?

Other people have different issues — whether it be too much bread or pasta, eating too late at night, making poor food choices — it doesn’t matter, you’ll learn how you can easily control what you eat instead of it controlling you.

You doubt that you’ll only need one coaching session? This session works in tandem with Dr. Temes’ recordings to guarantee your success and give you all the tools you need to follow your own easy program, based on your likes and good nutrition, and maintain it, year after year.

This is what you’ll walk away with after the session:

  1. The 8 Enjoying Weight Loss sessions sent to your email in an MP3 format.
  2. Your own custom one-page Lean Plan that helps reinforce the hypnosis sessions at a glance.
  3. A simple mind tool to use with each hypnotic session that annihilates any fear of failure and guarantees your success.

Concerns About Hypnosis

The concern I hear most often is that people don’t think they can be hypnotized. I reply that I can’t either, and what I mean is that I can’t be put into that deep trance that you see with stage hypnosis. These sessions are nothing like it; rather, it’s more like guided relaxation.

Some of my Christian clients have been concerned about hypnosis because the Bible states that we must not follow people who mesmerize – use hypnotic powers. What I believe the Bible refers to is demagogues, like Hitler, who can sway masses for their own gain, or evil gurus who hold their followers in a thrall.

But we humans are much easier to hypnotize than most people realize. We already are hypnotized, whether it be by simple habit or by slumping down into the sofa after a hard day’s work, ready to relax, while watching a commercial dramatizing the bite of a corn chip full of artificial ingredients. A typical example of being in a mild trance is when we arrive at a destination and don’t remember the drive.

The kind of hypnosis you experience in an Enjoying Weight Loss session is nothing like stage hypnosis. You are present and remember everything. It feels like nothing much besides deep relaxation where you listen to what you want to hear. You have the power to reject any suggestion you don’t like, but you’ll be in agreement with most of the suggestions, because it’s all about what you have tried so hard to do on your own. You are the instigator of this program and you are in charge.

To book your own life-changing session, please call me at (707) 357-5665. The coaching session is 2 hours and the cost is $160; the hypnosis recordings are included!