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This Exercise Is Different: The Benefits

The Equipment, and How to Get A $20 Rebate
Lifetime Warranty
$20 Rebate With Purchase, Plus Music and Training!

There Is A Mini-Trampoline for BIG People!

Bounce Classes Are Free!

The only reason rebounding — bouncing on a mini-trampoline — doesn’t get respect is because it’s so deceptively easy and it feels so good. How can real exercise do anything and still feel like silly fun?! Come to one of my free Bounce classes on the Mendocino coast of northern California and find out for yourself.

I could write a long list of bouncing’s benefits, many of which sound unlikely and far-fetched, till I tried it on myself and my family, then enlarged the circle to include friends, clients, and their friends. Some of the benefits I experienced are detailed in my blog post The More TV I Watch, the Fitter I Get.

The rebounder is the best-kept secret in the world of health and fitness. There is simply no other tool that pays you back so handsomely for so little effort (it always felt like no effort to me, even when I was unfit (pre-bouncing)). If I get to instruct you in one of my classes, you’ll find out for yourself how to keep it at a level that is only fun and easy, yet provides you a workout if that’s what you want.

But you don’t have to do a workout on the rebounder if you don’t want to — even the littlest bounce exerts its strengthening effect on every cell in the body and flushes your lymphatic system in 2 to 5 minutes. This has huge repercussions for your immune system.

If you’re really fit and it feels like the rebounder is too lame for you, let me show you some things that’ll get your heart rate up faster than anything except bicycling uphill. You can exercise way more muscles on a rebounder than any other exercise save mountain climbing? A rebounder is way more convenient — you can train piecemeal at home at any time till you get a chance to tackle the outdoor hills.

This Exercise Is Different: The Benefits

When you start bouncing on a quality rebounder, you can feel you’re in a different physical realm. Why does it feel so different? The bouncing up and down increases the G-force, which is how we measure gravity. In response, all the cells start thickening their cell walls to withstand the increased G-force, which results in immediate strengthening across your whole body.

I have had Bounce students be too weak to lift one leg; at the end of 4 songs (which is how I measure time on my rebounder) the leg felt normal.

Bouncing immediately starts to relax tight muscles and strengthen weak muscles. Many of my Bounce customers have commented that bouncing tends to work out most kinks. I noticed that the bouncing would immediately stop my knees from aching; they eventually stopped aching altogether.

Bouncing flushes through your lymph system in 2 to 5 minutes! Sounded far-fetched to me, so the first time I put it to the test, I was suffering from sinus congestion. Before a minute was up, my sinuses had opened up! When they started closing up again, I just repeated it a few times, and whatever was bugging me disappeared just like that. This little experiment has been repeated many times with family as well as my happy rebounder customers.

I have many times chased away flu or cold by bouncing on the rebounder — if I catch it right at the onset of symptoms, I usually only need to bounce one time for maybe 5 or 10 minutes (it’s hard for me to stop after just 5 minutes) in order to chase the bugs away.

NASA did a study with rebounders in order to train their astronauts for the increased G-force that happens with take-offs and landings (we can only imagine). They found that there was no exercise more efficient than rebounding — it has the sought-after effect with the least amount of effort!

It also triggers your brain to produce alpha brain waves, which is the frequency of mild relaxation (also called “rest and digest,” as opposed to “fight or flight”). Many of my Bounce customers have commented that bouncing lifts the blues.

It’s the most convenient exercise there is — you don’t even need to get dressed or put on shoes! Pit bulls or mountain lions roaming the neighborhood – no problem. The air filled with smoke from huge wildfires – no problem. Say you get home from a long trip and know you need to move because you’ve sat all day, but it’s 11 o’clock at night and you’re not going anywhere but to bed – 5 minutes of gentle bouncing will help shake off the travel stress and ready you for rest.

It’s fun! Bouncing to music is a dream, and you get to watch TV and feel righteous about it – see my referenced blog post above. This piece of equipment is so easy to use — it’s not likely to sit and gather dust like so many treadmills.

It’s great value. Because the rebounders are quality and come with Lifetime Warranty, there is nothing more to buy. Should you need any parts that break, a quick call to the company, where there is almost always a real person answering during business hours, will take care of it and within a couple of days you’ll have the part at no charge! Not that you are likely to use this Warranty much. I have only needed a couple of springs on a rebounder that was bought in 2008 and has had daily use for 9 years.

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The Equipment, and How to Get A $20 Rebate

A lot of people have an unused and unloved mini-trampoline sitting around in the corner of somewhere, bought at a yard sale or sporting goods store. There are 2 reasons people don’t use them: The equipment is no good and/or they don’t know what to do with it. Well, I’ve discovered what to do with it, in all its glory.

I too got started on a rebounder bought for $10 at a yard sale, then upgraded to a Kmart one, which wasn’t as bad as some. In my enthusiasm I bought 6 cheap rebounders from a sporting goods store and resold them to friends at cost. But in short order, they all failed, one of them as soon as a friend stepped on it—the mat sagged and never recovered. Once I started teaching this little-known exercise, I realized that I couldn’t risk people getting hurt on an inferior piece of equipment. So I looked long and hard, but there really was only one choice: the ReboundAIR rebounder, the only one with lifetime warranty. I decided that since I love bouncing on the rebounder to music, my body deserves a quality piece of equipment.

Please contact me if you need help with choosing a model. Most people do well with the Standard  model. The Ultimate is the top of the line and is for really big people (it’s great for normal-sized people too); it’s lower to the ground than the Standard model and is the most handsome model in my opinion.

I highly recommend adding the balance bar to the purchase. It will make it very easy to train the abdominal muscles; it adds stability for people who need it and, if you’re very fit, it’ll give you many more options and help turn your rebounder into something of a mini-gym.

Lifetime Warranty

There never was any doubt as to which quality rebounder to purchase — there is only one that offers Lifetime Warranty: ReboundAIR! I was glad to see that nothing is made in China. The rebounder frame is made at their factory in Taiwan; the mat is made in the US. Their main office is in Utah, and there is always someone there to take your call should you need to call them for any reason.

The rebounder arrived only a couple of days after I had ordered it. Putting it together was a snap – no loose legs or other loose parts to piece together besides the balance bar. As soon as I stepped on the mat, I knew the difference. It’s just such a sweet-feeling bounce — you get maximum buoyancy from the smallest movements. All body parts go up and down in unison; you’re not getting jarred like rebounders with cheap or no springs (huh? I’ve seen that too — strips of fabric instead of springs). The cheap rebounders tend to be either too tight or too loose — the ReboundAIR rebounder is just right.

$20 Rebate With Purchase, Plus Music and Training!

So, how can you get your hands on one and get a break on the price? Email your invoice to me or call me to inform me that you have purchased a rebounder from ReboundAIR  — include your mailing address — and I will issue you a check for $20. This rebate is a Distributor’s Rebate from yours truly and is not available from the company or anywhere else.

More benefits when you buy through me:

  • I’ll email you “What to Do With Your Rebounder Before Your First Use” and “Beginner Caution.”
  • You’ll get full access to my extensive Spotify (internet radio) Bounce lists, with the best of pop from the 1960s to current times. 825 songs and counting!
  • For people who can make their way to the ERASING PAIN Wellness Center at 9399 Madison Avenue, Suite 101, Orangevale, CA:
    I’ll take you through a one-on-one class where we go over the 49 ways I vary my use of the rebounder, including several sitting bounces, plank bounces and elastic bands. You’ll get a printed list with evocative names of the steps to help freshen your memory if you start to go stale.

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There Is A Mini-Trampoline for BIG People!

It can be hard for very big people to get proper exercise.  The ReboundAIR top-of-the-line model, the Ultimate, is vigorously tested at 400 pounds! The Standard model can take 300 pounds, vigorously.

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Introductory Bounce Classes Are Free!

You can come and feel it for yourself in a free Introductory Bounce class. This is not a regular exercise class; rather, it’s a fun introduction so you can feel if this is for you. These classes take place at ERASING PAIN Wellness Center – I provide the rebounders but you must reserve your rebounder for your class — call me at (707) 357-5665 for more information or to reserve your rebounder. If you would like to be added to my email notification list, please email me.

You can also book a private introductory tutorial for $40.

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