Why are natural health remedies not more mainstream?  Simple, cheap, and effective remedies like lemon juice and garlic, and steaming with essential oils.

It’s not because they are not effective — did you know that essential oils can kill 100% of airborne pathogens?  There is no equal among chemicals.

I long to see an annual Natural Health Day in our schools, where the parents and children learn about easy ways to take care of their own colds and sniffles, so they won’t end up in the doctor’s office spreading their germs to the patients and employees at the doctor’s office.

The tide has definitely turned, though, as health proponents have used the internet and marketing skills to exercise their First Amendment right of free speech to publish information.  Big money has not yet been able to suppress cheap and effective remedies that can be had in our local health-food store or even grocery store.

My family and I, admittedly a small study, have found that time and again natural remedies win out.  But farmers, naturopaths and manufacturers of herbs and homeopathics don’t have the marketing budget of gigantic pharmaceutical companies, who can only make their annual record profits by patenting an unnatural version of what nature offers. If nobody takes time and money to market these remedies, how will people find out?  Many people tend to dismiss what they have never heard about, figuring that if they haven’t heard about it, it can’t be any good. Benjamin Franklin

     “You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known and exist before it is generally received and practiced on.”
                               — Benjamin Franklin


In future blogs I plan to talk about things like

  • Ways to sit down into, and get up from, chairs, and even deep sofas, without hurting your back;
  • How I healed my lifelong sinusitis;
  • How I healed my positional vertigo;
  • How I managed to change my sedentary ways;
  • For the ladies:  Shoe shopping and purse shopping;

and much more …

What are my qualifications?  For the last 28 years I have been practising, learning and teaching movement re-education via my work as a therapeutic bodyworker.  I was also lucky enough to find help for some debilitating health issues in natural medicine; this knowledge has been instrumental for keeping my family healthy.

I hope you’ll join me by subscribing so you can receive my blog in your emailbox.  I won’t inundate you — I plan to post about once a week. I will sign off with a piece of health advice that was attributed to Mae West on a card I once had:

Mae West
Mae West

Only one vice at a time.

Mae West was one saucy, saucy dame.  Have a blast watching her and an oh-so-young Cary Grant in “She Done Him Wrong” from 1933 — she manages to ooze sex without even showing her legs.

What does “Only one vice at a time” mean? To me, it means that if I have a piece of cake and coffee, I choose to drink the coffee without any sweetener added because the cake provides that component. If you’re very used to have a sweetened drink with your piece of pastry, you’re missing out on the pleasant contrast of the bitter coffee against the sweetness of the pastry.

If I go to a party, I’ll stick with savory foods and skip the sweets.  Savory foods are likely to keep me full much longer than the sweets and won’t trigger subsequent cravings like sugar will.  For me, having a piece of quiche instead of a brownie is no sacrifice.

For people who are doing the social whirl, especially young people who are just gathering experience with alcoholic drinks, I suggest applying this principle to your choice of drinks:  If you’re drinking beer, stick with beer only.  Same with wine — don’t mix a bunch of alcoholic drinks together — not only is it more likely to lead to a vile hangover, but, as I learned in a chemistry class, the molecules of a mixed drink are actually packed more closely together than a single type of alcohol, so your Mai Tai or Long Island Iced Tea may actually be even more potent than you might think.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with natural healing.  I hope you enjoy my blog.

To your health,
Inger Grape
_______________________________________________________________________ DISCLAIMER:  The contents of this blog should not be taken for medical advice.  If you have a medical issue, please consult your doctor.  

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