Laugh all you want, call it silly exercise for people who don’t give a whit what others think, but is your body as sleek as this gal’s? And are you having this much fun when you exercise? You can watch Joanna Rohrback in action and read more about her here:; her website is

I have wondered how people in Florida can get in an effective cardio walk, since there are no hills to speak of (never having been there, at least that’s my understanding).  Now I know:  by galloping!

It bears repeating that exercise can be easy and fun — see my previous post, “The More TV I Watch, the Fitter I Get”:  Why should the kids have all the fun?!

The reviews of the book “Prancercise: The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence” on Amazon are hilarious (and generally 5 stars). I culled one of the best for your enjoyment, below. This review also gave it 5 stars, by the way.

Prancercise Saved my Life! by Prancing in NC:

“Seriously, alone, in a subway, start Prancercising up and down the quay.  Trust me ….  Nobody will bother you and even more amazing, there will be nobody sitting near you either.  Added bonus, I got my cardio in.  This is awesome.  I am so thankful for this form of excercising.  I feel so much safer when I travel to DC, Atlanta, and NYC.”

To fun exercise,

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